I'm Lennart.

I'm a computer scientist & software engineer interested in distributed systems, databases and high-performance networking. You can find most of my public work on GitHub. On occasion, I also blog about stuff.


Serverless platform built on top of gVisor.

Allows you to run your web service in an instant without any changes on a scalable platform.


Web frontend for editing DNS configuration.

Supports creating, updating and erasing records as well as auto-reload on change and different authorization models.

TracE Explorer

Toolset to explain and visualize database workload traces.

Provides an end-to-end toolchain for processing large scale database traces, helping with data ingestion, transformation, visualization as well as interpretation.


Experimental API and UI for managing virtual machines.

Supports simple creation and deletion of virtual machines, automatic deployment of SSH keys, VM images and private networks and much more.

Crash Informer

Notifies you on Kubernetes pod crash-loops.

Built on top of the Kubernetes Client APIs. Supports watching pods, replica sets and deployments.


Operations dashboard for Docker Swarm.

Monitor containers, volumes, services, nodes and images in your Swarm from your web browser.


Microblogging platform for developers.

Simple microblogging service built without any JavaScript. Supports user management and basic publishing.


Embeddable key-value store built on top of LSM trees.

Supports multiple caching mechanisms, access conflict resolution and automatic merging. Leveled compaction coming soon.